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My order was actually canceled and they refunded my money right away.  Actually happy about that as I wouldn't have wanted to wait for the signed card months down the road and being stuck with a cd that I won't actually play 

I emailed about my US signed poster/vinyl and woke up to this reply 

Hello Daniel,
Thank you for contacting us!
I have researched your order and it is in ‘back order’ status. We cannot currently confirm when your order will ship, but you will receive a confirmation email when it goes out. 
I am so sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Yes my order of cd with signed poster has been cancelled by the US store reason being oversold 

Did they send you a proactive email stating that your order has been cancelled, or was it a response to an enquiry from you?

The reason I ask is that I’m a U.K. customer who also ordered the CD with signed poster from the U.S. store.  There has been no movement on my order, as far as I can tell from the website.  I haven’t received a shipping notice or a cancellation notice — nothing.  Wondering if it’s worth chasing them now or give them a few more days.

It's a load of b******* his webstore sending e mails out yesterday saying they would be shipped without the signed part - my order of 'SIGNED' CD (Without the signed Part) just arrived - 17 hours after the shipping notice - so these would have been sent posted out days ago  and certainly not when they sent the shipping e mail at 16.32 yesterday!!!

I emailed them after I got my U.K. notice, just out of curiosity why the us one hadn’t emailed me yet and they got back to me with the ‘backorder’ email. 

No updates on mine either (EU).

I hope they won't split ship internationally, as that would mean double import handling. Some couriers charge a $20 handling fee per shipment that goes through customs.

I was quite late in ordering mine from the US store 31st december but it was showing as in stock i only ordered as back up as i ordered from the canadian store earlier but was worried that they quickly removed worldwide postage so wasnt 100% sure that would post either , the US cancellation e mail arrived out of the blue overnight stating that they had oversold so its possible earlier orders may be ok

Im still hopefull that the Canadian order will go ahead but who knows  

Thanks for your response, which helps inform my situation.  I ordered on 10 November from the U.S., and 11 November from the U.K.

I’m a longtime Iggy fan, so not overly bothered if there’s a bit of a delay from either store, so long as they don’t dick me about for months, like Arcade Fire did.  I’d rather get the signed stuff than not at all.  Certainly not looking to cancel either order at this stage.  I was more concerned that the U.S. store was cancelling orders en masse, in particular foreign orders.  It seems that isn’t the case, and mine is probably on back order due to a delay of some sort.  I’m fine with that, for now.

Yes fingers x you will be ok 

Both of my orders were canceled today. I ordered pretty immediate. At this point I think this whole thing was just a scam. They still got sales numbers for every order even though they were canceled. And basically an interest free loan from everyone who placed an order.

I have a question. Are there any lawyers on here or anyone know of any? Would just like to pose the question if there is, what would the chances be of a successful class action suit? I haven't heard of anyone on here actually getting what they ordered, at best they got a 'promise' of getting the signed card at a later date but weren't even offered a choice of canceling. We all know how those will probably turn out. And that is just the people on here. I am sure there are probably hundreds or thousands of others who don't even know about this place who got the same middle finger from Warner. They took a lot of money from a lot of people, some of who paid interest on their free loan to them. Just wondering if we have a leg to stand on? Worked for the Bob Dylan scam when everyone united.

I ordered from the Warner Music Canada store and my order still shows as processing. Anyone get a cancellation from them? 



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