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Same here, but only for the signed CDs. I also pre-ordered a standard vinyl + signed poster and I haven't heard about that since November... What a mess.

My summary photo in the email only shows the signed Mick Rock cover, but I ordered all three and the vinyl. I’m hoping that’s just a truncated summary and all will be shipping. Of course, I went out and bought a CD yesterday ‘cause I couldn’t wait (it’s solid, by the way). I have now bought 8 copies! Genius strategy for charting the album high.

I also got a shipping confirmation email but it is only showing 1 signed cd when I ordered 2 different versions of it. hope that was just a mistake

Me too, poster version shipped, no mention of CD?!

Oh no, they only shipped the CD with poster to me as well. Still waiting on the vinyl with poster and different versions of the signed CD. If they ship every item separately I'm looking at a lot of import cost. 

And-and-and? :-)

My US CD and signed poster have shipped, I'm in the UK...

They told me everything in my order is backordered with no date of when it will be filled, not sure how a preorder goes backorder.

Bad news for anyone who ordered the poster.  It arrived folded over and over and over to 1/32 is original size.  Then it was shoved into a small baggie with the CD.

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Awful. How can they think anyone would want it like this?

Wow. Looks like Iggy might’ve done it all himself to be honest. 



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