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Sorry to hear/see this. For once I am happy my order wasn't fulfilled and cancelled as I would be furious. Saying that - It's a great poster and maybe I would try to use some press, iron out the creases - Iggy is Punk after all - the poster should also be rough round the edges :)

I hope the lp + poster isnt the same you would hope it would be machine folded in the lp but seeing this who knows 

But it’s still a nice signature… for free!

If you don't mind 4 folds and 3 creases in the autograph after paying $8 to ship a CD by media mail.

Fold it back up and I'll be happy to buy that from you for $8 :-)

My 2 copies arrived the same. In terrible shape folded horribly. really upset about this one

Such a shame those folds... but what a nice signature!

Yeah those folds are such a bummer. I’m hoping my order from Warner Canada is packed better, if these are all US orders. 

Glad to hear I’m not the only one who received the poster that was folded up like it was shoved in a cereal box, or something. Definitely a bummer. But a nice signature overall. Word of caution to those who haven’t received it yet: be careful when you unfold it - mine tore a bit in one corner when I unfolded it. 

Yeah, these are atrocious. Whoever's handling these should not be in this line of work.

This just arrived.



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