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Consolation prize for everyone who missed out on Bono.. I need to listen to these guys again. I wasn't too impressed initially but I doubt they will give up and fail. Thanks for posting, 

They're actually fantastic live. Really exceeded my expectations.

Good to hear Rich. I scored their zeotrope vinyl last year which should have came signed but they switched it out with a signed photo instead at the last minute. Still a good item to have of these guys. Im rooting for them to succeed. I'll definitely give them another listen later tonight before deciding on buying any more though

Ha! Son of Bono! (anyone have a line on signed Eve Hewson movies?!)

The band is a bigger name band in the EU/IE (opening for Arctic Monkeys next year), but still pretty unknown in the US

Wow, I completely forgot that was Bono's son when I posted it lol, I just remember people talking about their last release on here and figured someone might be interested.  

Recordstore UK has some signed options now too


Awesome, thank you so much Kenny D !  I have been searching for a signed vinyl by these guys for a while and am so happy this fell in my lap today.  Thank you so much!  Appreciate you staying on top of things for the rest of us!

Your welcome, I've been staring at the screen all day and had enough, leaving for a while so you all might want to pay attention since something good always happens when I Leave LOL 

FYI, additional options and formats (incl. cassettes, ...which just can't be killed off!) on their own site:

INHALER - Official Store

Album Cover artwork by Eli , signed print of the band https://shop.inhaler.band/*/*/Signed-Art-Card-Cuts-Bruises-Yellow-Vinyl-Alternative-Sleeve-Cassette-Bundle/7PWE0000000?utm_campaign=Inhaler Inhaler: Signed Art Card, Cuts & Bruises Yellow Vinyl Alternative Sleeve + Cassette Bundle

So . . . um . . . "signed vinyl"? Yuck.



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