Everyone I know has an unusual item in their collection thats signed whether it be something used in a movie, on stage, etc. What do you have that doesnt always show up in the main stream? For me, I have a pair of Ben Stein's Shoes signed by him. No matter what he wears, he always wears the same tan shoes and he put a pair up for auction once. I had to have them!

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I have a pair of stage-used Peter Criss (KISS) shoes and one each of a Gene Simmons Shoe (NOT the Demon Boots) and a Gene Simmons Elbow Decoration (Make Up Era). The Gene Simmons stuff is Signed, I am waiting to meet Peter Criss to get the shoes signed.
I went to a Los Angeles women's and family clinic silent auction a few years ago that included four bras celebrities donated and signed: two from Heather Graham, one from Lucia Rijker (the real life boxer portrayed in the movie "Million Dollar Baby") and one donated by Kathy Bates.

Well, being with Autograph I decided to buy the bras for whatever they brought--about $1400 total I think--plus jewelry for my daughters and a number of other things. I could have carried everything I bought home in Kathy Bates' bra but a Nike yoga mat: it's a 40-DD.
I'm such a sucker for anything at a charity auction...but I'm not sure if I'd go from Kathy Bates' Bra. With the KISS items, I've had horrible experiences with two of the members from that band.

I was working down in Orlando at the now defuct Virgin Megastore and Gene Simmons came in to promote his Colonge. He was a big jerk to everyone working there making the most outlandish demands. Refusing to even sign some of his own products! Ace Frehley was playing a solo show across the street and while standing outside waiting for him, he avoided us by walking around different ways every time and when he did finally walk by, he would pretend to start signing and push everything out of my roommate's hands...so good luck and wear your battle gear when trying to get KISS to sign!
Interesting? Probably a Star Wars belt buckle that the merchandising department at Fox considered then rejected for licensing while the first SW was in production. (I was involved with another studio project at the time...) Cheers!
One of my pieces would be a brady bunch match box car signed in person by barry williams. Another piece would be a carboard record off the monkees signed by 3 of them that i bought from elmers nostalgia. This record was the type found on the back of ceral boxes. Also have Americanna cards that i have gotten signed through the mail by corey feldman, marc mcclure, and ami dolenz.
Hey Dustin, that is so awesome. Signed shoes. Signed anything by the members of KISS is tougher than it seems. Though Gene signs quite often and is very generous and has done many many book signings, it really dwindles after that. ~~ Good luck in your quest. I hope you reach your goal!
Stephen Duncan

Odd items huh, well don't hold this against me, I have a jailhouse poem written and signed by Manson, a buddy was a corrections officer in the Corcoran shoe for awhile. He also got me a John Wayne Gacy clown sketch signed by him. Those are NOT out on display. I was lucky enough to get a two different double signed Dr. Kevorkian lithographs of his paintings, he destroyed the bulk of the prints before they were sold, those are framed and displayed. Another really cool thing, only two exist, mine and a buddies, we took foam board and mounted a Love Ride 2004 poster to it. We worked the backstage for a couple years, that was the best year though, all the Tuttle's, Peter Fonda, Jay Leno, Willie G and many more stars signed the posters.

i have a campbells soup can signed by wayne gretzky when he was on their commercials and his picture is on the can
I have the black light that Thomas Jane used in the beggining of the Punisher movie and I had already met him twice befiore the movie and finally saw him a year or so after the movie and I had him sign the black light and I have a picture of him holding it after signing it. He has a mohawk haircut and was in a horrible outfit but he was actually filming in the area when he dropped by for this signing.
I bought a couple of High School Diplomas that were 2 of 17 that were made for the last show of the first season of REBA and they mainly used just off the wall names in some of the diplomas but one of the ones I bought is the only one that had Reba's name as the graduate.

Plus the entire cast of Reba signed both diplomas.

These were sold by her favorite charity as an online fund raiser for Habitat for Humanity.
Adam Jones of Tool artwork.

He did a few one of a kind artworks on posters, these where sold before the shows and only certain shows had them, I was lucky to get this one, I have one more from the Auctin show, but havent framed it yet. I like this one more. Tool is very exclusize to say the least.

On Sunday August 27, 1989 Martin Chambers (Pretenders drummer) and I shared a pizza at this little place just east of Fairfax High. He signed my LP reflecting that encounter. He spoke very respectfully and sadly of (the deceased) James Honeyman Scott and Pete Farndon. The entire hour or so spent with him was so priceless.


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