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I stumbled this Reagan autograph (the one with black ink) on ebay & noticed it looked similar. Turns out one of my exemplars is an exact match! I contacted the seller & he claims it's live ink & is sure it's real. Obviously only one is real & I'm pretty sure it's not his. Could this be an autopen or high resolution print? Just a word of caution as forgers are definitely getting more & more creative!

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Here's some close ups.

Probably some kind of autopen. Seeing that one is personalized, which oddly looks to be in Reagan’s hand, is very strange. Could maybe be that the personalized one is real but an autopen matrix was created using that autograph as a template. 🤔 

I am leaning towards that conclusion as well. Very bizarre though!

Do you own the blue one?  If it's all live ink could it be an autopen sentiment and signature with an added name?  (Just throwing it out there).

The black one looks almost like a rubber stamp.

It does seem like a stamp and not an autopen. An autopen would make the signature a uniform thickness and the R for example has a very thin area. Im guessing stamp as well

I do not own the blue one, I had it saved in my files as an exemplar & I believe it may of been authenticated as well. The inscription looks right on for Reagans handwriting so my suspicion is someone used the blue one & made a copy somehow with the black one.

Since the blue pen "To Kevin" is readily available to view online (see below) , is the black one possibly copied from it?


Yes, that would explain it.  


I don't think it's a stamp. It could be machine-signed with a Sharpie Fine Tip marker.

I just don't see the ink "flow" how you would normally see still in an autopen. There are also small bare blotches throughout, and while there does seem like areas of overlapping, I have seen that before with the old stamped baseballs. The bare spots, especially in the W in "with", look very much like signs of a stamp to me. Also, the ending loop in the d in "Ronald", if you follow what seems to resemble flow, it looks like the signature was signed backwards. Maybe I'm just looking too closely

You may be right, its just my opinion and its been years since I've dealt with stamps in general. There are some other signs that could point to machine signed as well but im still leaning towards stamp myself.

I thought it might be a stamp at first but I see some overlapping strokes. Look at the LD of Ronald.

That seems to be the most plausible to me as well Steve. The blue one I believe is original, but perhaps someone used a machine to copy it? I've been looking at Reagan signatures for years now & have found a few widely unknown autopens myself. But I have not seen a copy of this exact signature until now. 


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