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Good morning...I have been seeing all of the comparisons between Morales and Garo for a long’s what I know to be true. Morales is just a plain thief. He has no credibility at all. All authenticators make mistakes. Frank Garo has been authenticating for 45 years. When the “cartel” started authenticating (JSA, PSA/DNA, BSA, STEINER  and now Larry Studebaker at SGC)have all been proven as liars and have lied about their backgrounds, education, have NEVER done anything for the FBI, CIA, IRS ever. They have trashed people who have real resumes and experience out of business thru forums like this. Jimmy Spence is a total fraud, Steve Grad is beyond a liar and thief, Studebaker was proven a thief on an ABC sting. All of these people have worked with and for each other for years. There is a kickback agreement with the biggest auction house in the business. They will take your money and make you believe that they are the gurus. They have a syndicate that is plain organized crime. They have been on the federal watchlist for a long time. Forensics is much more thorough than these thugs! Google “Hauls of Shame”. Employees of all these frauds go on these sites to trash reputable examiners. I would love to have any former disgruntled employees of these pieces of trash to get in touch with me. If you are relying on these people, you need to get out of the hobby.




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