Invaluable Marilyn Monroe autographs are actually secretarial

I got an email today about this upcoming auction at Invaluable, which looks like a great website, but their group of Marilyn Monroe autographs and letters are in fact secretarials, which I have seen before. They are wanting a starting bid of $3000

I would just like to make people aware of this:

It is what I call "Style E" on my blog showing common and uncommon Marilyn Monroe secretarials

You can see the secretary's practice run on the note and then the note, which once again, is for sale here on this website.

I would let Invaluable know if I could, but there is no contact email I can find on the website.

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Thank you, will contact them. It's a great secretarial, no wonder it's confusing. The note on my blog is so similar but to a different person.

Sorry Pauline, I was trying to edit this to say it appears they only want you to contact the actual seller, not them, at least from what I read. And then it would let me edit  my post  -  kept saying "please type something..." - I am sure you've seen that before.

If only I could find the actual seller email address. I don't want to have to join the website to do this. Sellers do not usually realize what they have isn't genuine. This is a very easy to mistake for real auto situation.

Corrected link here:

My link above is rubbish, has wrong code in it. The one in this message is correct though.

I'll contact the dealer. If they're secretarial they didn't know it.

I sent the dealer an email with a link here and to your blog.

Thanks Steve

I heard back from the dealer, and I see you contacted him, too, and he replied. The auction is careful and withdraws anything questioned, which they did here.

Thanks for posting this discussion, Pauline.

Invaluable's customer service is terrible. All they do is tell you to contact the auction house. They are hosting the auction and you can bid from their site -- yet they take no responsibility for all the forgeries they host. 1000's of them every year!



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