Hi guys, this is my first post on this forum and I apologize if this post doesn't go here, as I have a website other than ebay selling autographs that I would like to purchase from but cannot tell one way or other whether they are legit or reliable. I have been looking at https://www.autographs.co.uk/ for a while know, specifically at this piece of Arthur Wellesley (https://www.autographs.co.uk/historical-political-etc/vintage/duke-...). Since the Duke's signature varies greatly and even Beckett's quick review couldn't give me an opinion one way or another, I wanted to know what you guys thought about the website in general, I have seen a few people on others forums say some good things about it, and nothing bad, but nothing substantial either. They also have a fantastic selection of autographs, from King George III (sold) to one of the SAS members that stormed the Iranian embassy, which I guess the selection in of itself could be a red flag. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I once again apologize to the mods if this is posted in the wrong spot, just delete it and I'll move to another category.


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Hi Nathan-  I've visited their website off and on when a particular signer I was looking for came up as on their site via a search engine.  All I can share is that the particular signers I was interested in had a few exemplars each on their site. Some way off and some looking authentic....which is odd. Like many dealerships, it may be best to take each particular item and judge it by it's own merits.

It is very legit website.  The guy that runs it is very nice and very honest and would not knowingly sell anything fake imo. 

So would you say that their return policy if a signature is proven fake can be trusted?

 The description in the listing says "with his initials only plus an address in his hand".

The fact that it's not a full signature may be one reason why Beckett couldn't give an opinion.  Any third party authenticator is going to need to examine it in person to get a better sense of the age of the paper that it's written on since, if real, it would be almost 200 years old.

Yeah, that what I figured myself, so I guess I may not risk it unless the website is very reputable and will respect refunds. Thank you very much.

Perhaps other collectors here will share experiences if you are asking specifically about the dealership....sounds like Michelle has had a positive experience.  You also mention hearing good things on other forums so that might give you reassurance.

As far as the item itself, that's a pretty specialized one to gather opinions for...but maybe others here know his handwriting.

Yeah, it is a bit obscure. Do you know which section would be best to post this type of signature?

Thanks for all the help

Post it in the "IS THIS AUTOGRAPH REAL?" section.

If you still decide you are interested in it why not email or telephone the owner of the website and ask how he got hold of it which may help you decide?

They are a legit company  I'm sure Garry king still runs it  

A very good site. Gary is a honest and knowledgeable  person.

 plus one.  He also has a good sense of humour which is useful in this hobby



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