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Hi! I was wondering if anyone could please explain to me why people still list their autographs with a Beckett authentication. A lot of autographs on eBay that are authenticated are authenticated by Beckett. Wasn’t it proven that the primary administrator, Steve Grad was a fraud and got in some authenticating scandals. Was there something I missed, does he not work for them anymore, where the claims against Grad a lie. If someone could please explain that would be very helpful, thank you!

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Why not Legit?

I also see as many JSA or PSA certified autographs as Beckett.
I used Beckett once, a big plus for me what Beckett has in contrast to the others, you can fill out the submission online.
It was perfect for me.

I was just asking because Steve Grad, the primary administrator of Beckett was caught up in a bunch of scandals and lies involving wrongfully authenticating autographs, and lying about his experience as a trained authenticator. 

Where are you getting your information from about these "scandals?"

I don’t know. There’s a thing on looper explaining all about and also every time he’s one YouTube all of the comments come for him for being fraudulent. Im sure there are more recourses but I just can’t think of them right now. It was basically that he passed some forged signatures which cost people thousands of dollars and he also lied about his education and experience. I’m surprised not many of you have heard about this, I thought this was bigger back then when people found out. But anyways, I was just checking.

Ok I've never read or heard of these scandals.
Some people also tell a lot of confused stuff on YouTube or anything else.... 
But if you're skeptical of Beckett, try another authenticator.

Ok. Thank you. I was just wondering cause there’s a few stuff on eBay that I’m interested in that are authenticated by beckett

Then do not buy them.  Learn about the signing habits of whatever signer you are interested in purchasing an autograph of, and make an informed decision.  Do not rely on a TPA to inform your decision.  I hope that helps.

  • Ok. Thank you. I will make sure to keep that in mind for next time. 

Lawrence, if you see something on eBay that you intend to purchase, regardless of whether or not it has been authenticated by a TPA, post an image of it here in a new discussion and ask for opinions.  Hopefully there will be a member who can lead you in the right direction.

BAS are legitimate.  Does that answer your question?

Ok. Thank you. I guess that stuff about Grad was all in my head...idk but I swore I heard it somewhere. I guess that’s why people are still using it.

That was an interesting first post, “Lawrence”.  Duly noted.


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