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Hi! I was wondering if anyone could please explain to me why people still list their autographs with a Beckett authentication. A lot of autographs on eBay that are authenticated are authenticated by Beckett. Wasn’t it proven that the primary administrator, Steve Grad was a fraud and got in some authenticating scandals. Was there something I missed, does he not work for them anymore, where the claims against Grad a lie. If someone could please explain that would be very helpful, thank you!

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I’m sorry. I don’t understand what you mean.

No need to apologize.

Excuse me but I still don’t think I quite understand. I was wondering about what your were trying to say in your last comment “That was an interesting first post, “Lawrence,” Duly Noted, thank you!

No need to excuse yourself.

Sir, I would please like you to explain your comment if you would like to as i just need a little clarification on it please. Thank you!

People on Youtube get Steve Grad and Drew Max confused because both have been featured on Pawn Stars. Both have had accusations thrown at them, but I don't know too much about either case. I trust JSA the most as a 3rd party authenticator because I have seen PSA and Beckett pass a lot of questionable items. I am not an expert, but I know Guns N' Roses autographs very well, and Steve Grad and Brian Sobrero issued an LOA on a poster supposedly signed by the full band in 1991. It was a terrible forgery, and most members on here with any experience with GNR would agree. Anyway, I am not accusing Grad or Sobrero of any intentional wrongdoing, but I personally don't trust Beckett for that reason alone. Maybe they are good with sports, but at least not with GNR.

hello lawrence, you did mention this all a while ago and after research you find the answer yourself and that's what d.mart is explaining . the whole expert cast of pawn stars was questionable and they found or did asume they all have issues. but can't tell you what's right and what's wrong but can tell you we all make mistakes and also steve grad and others. what all good companys are doing is giving opinions the best they can and sometimes they get it wrong and that is for some people a reason to brake them. every company is trying to get to the top and uses this sort of mistakes to mention this on youtube or other to climbing higher. i did see a authenticator last week on youtube and don't know i can mention his name but all he did is getting all attention of him and putting others in a bad daylight. hope i translate it all right from dutch to english and understand what i'am trying to say. good luck!.

i don't really have too much faith in these third party companies anymore. just so much sloppiness lately. you see these guys passing secretarials and fakes and failing perfectly good ones. you have beckett showing favoritism to certain submitters. steve grad is a scumbag, he's in bed with presspass collectibles and iconic auctions. jsa is just horrible, i saw some autopenned george bush photos with their sticker on them. psa/dna passes secretarials. it's just a mess right now


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