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Is my Blue Brothers autograph authentic?? (John Belushi & Dan Aykroyd)

Hello everyone!

I am a new member to this website. I love this community! I am a new autograph collector. I have quite a few autographs in my collection, but I have doubts on the authenticity for some of them :(

Mainly for this one, my pride and joy, my Blues Brothers autograph! I am a HUGE fan of the Blues Brothers! Particularly, a huge fan of John Belushi. He is one of my comic hero’s growing up! Unfortunately, he passed away before I was even born, so I never had the chance to meet him, let alone get an autograph from him in person.

A few months ago, I came across a gentleman who has been buying and selling autographs for more than 50+ years. Very respectable in the autograph collecting community. He gets his autographs authenticated in person. But he does t use big name 3rd party authenticators. I trust that he is genuine saying that this autograph is authentic, but more and more times I see authentic John Belushi autographs, I tend to have my doubts. I will not name the man who sold me the autograph because I would like to respect his privacy, but I would like to let him know if it’s authentic so the next time he gets ahold of one, he can make sure that what he’s selling is truly authentic.

Thank you guys so much for any help and guidance, I truly appreciate it!

Also, sorry for the letter sized post! It’s my first time posting on here, wanted to give a little background on me and where I’m coming from lol!

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Hmmm... is the man's name Myron Ross of Heroes and Legends?  I don't know these signatures but I've seen VERY few authentic Blues Brothers albums or photos. 

Hi Bruce! No, he isn’t Myron Ross. I don’t believe the guy I purchased the autograph from has any social media or advertising. I would lead you to a website if he had any. Yeah that’s what I’m worried about. It is an 8x10 photo of one of the SNL prints that was said to be signed by both Belushi and Aykroyd. I haven’t yet taken it to any 3rd party authenticators to be looked at because I wanted to get the opinions of people on this site first.

Neither signature is authentic IMO

Hi Dan! That what I’m concerned about :( I’m gonna try to get it out to JSA and have them look at it hopefully soon! Figured I’d post it here first and get everyone’s opinion on it before I send it out.

Don't know what it costs to have JSA look at it but, IMO, the outcome will be disappointing to you. I have seen very few over the years. Here is an authentic Belushi.  Sold for $2,000+ 

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I would very comfortably stating that neither of the autographs are authentic. They are likely written by the same hand, if I were to guess correctly. I have had 3 genuine Belushi autographs in my collection over the years, including 2 which I still retain. I have a very thorough Blues Brothers autograph collection as I am a huge fan of the original move. If you wish to see an authentic piece signed by Belushi and Ackroyd, please review the below link:


Hope this helps. Don't give up on building your collection. It takes time and we learn as we go along.


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