I found this with a bunch of other autographs my grandma got through the mail when she was younger. I have it on eBay now (probably priced a little too high (:), and I got a message from an ebayer saying it was bad. Looking for some more opinions! Thanks much!

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I have heard that Gleason TTMs are not real (sect.)  I dont know his autograph though.  Perhaps some others on here can help.

Yeah, that's what I was worried about. Looks similar to a JSA authenticated one on ebay's completed listings though. Some slight differences though so I'm just not sure!
I like it.

this is not his typical secretarial signature.  Could be authentic, some positives.

There is a very interesting thread on this site about Jackie Gleason. Apparently he was one of the worst signers out there, so bad that his co star Audrey Meadows claimed she never saw him sign an autograph.and most of the Gleasons out there are secretariats. His genuine signature is very scrappy. Now your one is closer to that than the obvious secretarial signatures that are often done with Sharpies. However I would be very surprised that a TTM was signed by the Great One himself. Check out the threads on this site and see what you think.

This appears to be an older Gleason and I think it looks pretty good.  Did the person on eBay state what their objections to the signature was?

Thanks everybody for the replies! I'll have to check out those other Gleason threads Micko. And no, they just said it "was not consistent" with other authentic ones. I'll go ahead ask and see what their thoughts were
Hey Derek, check out the signed contract that's for sale on EBay and some of the genuine ones in the threads here. One of the key things seems to be the 'k' in Jackie - it's almost like a capital K. Don't know if that helps the cause.
Wow the guy ended up being a total jerk when I asked him what characteristics he saw that made him think it was bad. So that was no help, but thanks again Micko I'll definitely check it out

That happens sometimes it is unfortunate that some people just like to complain but they have no interest in helping.  One problem is I am certain this is an older Gleason than is often seen.  The common "My Best" secretarial signatures are much later.  I haven't seen Bob Shinn on here lately but he would be the guy to ask about this.  Not sure if Mike Warren is on here much or not but he is excellent on classic entertainment autographs.  Like Terrier said this has some good qualities so I definitely think it is worth more study.   Here is an authentic Gleason 

Okay, I looked back at some of the older threads and stumbled upon the link to  I see what you guys mean where it does have some good qualities.  Like the the way G and L are connected seem like it is what that side describes as authentic.  And it does seem earlier than the other authentic ones listed on that site so yeah, I really don't know haha

The OP "Gleason" is absolutely secretarial.



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