I am interested in people's opinions on these three signatures. My father said he bought it from someone who had all three of them sign it one weekend at a baseball card show. Thoughts? I can provide more photos. 




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Unfortunately, Ryan, they are not authentic.

Thanks, how can you tell? 

They are poorly executed forgeries, Ryan.  I've observed those-style forgeries in the hundreds.

That’s a shame, thank you I appreciate it! 

You're welcome.

Also, if you go to the search bar up top and type in Mantle Forgeries, you'll find a treasure of threads that have been compiled over the years, that delves deep into the subject. Christopher Williams is our fore most authority on the subject.Terrier, Fudd, Woody, Steve, and everyone else brings their wonderful knowledge as well.

Hey Ryan, Here's one of my own. A very good Authentic Mantle Exemplar, when comparing it to others. If you look at enough forgeries, you'll develope an eye where you can tell the difference between good and bad. It's a work-in-progress. It takes some time.

They like to keep that information a "secret" so that "forgers don't learn." 

But the fact is, by keeping that information from the public, they are not helping to prevent would-be buyers from buying forgeries because they are always in the dark, with no idea what to look for.

You see, the authenticators (read: "insiders") and long-time forgers already figured out what an "authentic" Mantle is supposed to look like.  They share that information freely among their small circle.  You have to guard the cash cow.

Wrong again apple

The secret information is shared in private between trusted members. Some folks will believe it's OK to share specific traits in public writ, believing that a forger is unable to mimic the real specific traits. I'm not one who believes in spreading secrets in public

I wouldn't share what I feed my dog with you

Appleton, I don't get money for my opinions on Michael Jackson - but I refuse to share on this forum traits that are bad on forgeries.   I've had people criticize me for it - but guess what?  I don't care. 

The reason is I have made it even harder to spot them - because I've talked repeatedly with forgers on this very forum who debated me and then corrected their mistakes when I pointed them out (I didn't know at the time I was dealing with the actual forger).

I'll be happy to give an opinion (if asked) but I don't point out flaws anymore.


So, in other words, you want to keep the dumb forgers in the dark?

This is what I keep saying.  The good forgers already figured this stuff out the same way you did.  We're not talking about forging the Mona Lisa here. 

the one thing I noticed about all your posts, is that you do NOT share any of your wisdom about specific traits on any signatures

 I see no proof of your knowledge that helps this community

But you do provide us with vast amounts of suspicious behavior 

Are you getting the feeling I don't like or trust you yet? GOOD, go with that feeling



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