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I am interested in people's opinions on these three signatures. My father said he bought it from someone who had all three of them sign it one weekend at a baseball card show. Thoughts? I can provide more photos. 




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And back to the topic at hand, all three signatures are very poor fakes.

haha thx John

I'm no better than you

I just hate idiots like Apple and the way he negatively affected this community. 

I don't trust him or his motives for being here. He's a bad egg.

I actually deleted my earlier post about you two behaving badly goodcat! After reading this thread thru more carefully, I now see that it’s pretty much one person arguing and that you simply are trying to talk sense to him...

But I still think you’re waisting your time, I seriously doubt you can make him change his mind so maybe it’s better to move along and simply ignore him!

It looks like Appleton is no longer a member of this site.

thx Cogo (glad you saw it for what it is)

there is something wrong with that badcat and not to be trusted IMO

if he's gone then it's of no loss to this community. Take out the trash 




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