I recently acquired this letter and signature of Woodrow Wilson from 1914 from a decently reputable source, and he said that he originally got it from Errant Artifacts in Quakertown, PA which appears to be a pretty respected place. I've looked online and the letter seems to match the same format of Woodrow Wilson's typed letters that have authentic signatures on them, and this signature doesn't look too much like any other I could find for it to be an autopen. The only problem I have is the letter itself, it just seems so... dismissive. As if Wilson didn't actually read the original letter that Mr. Reeves sent him. I don't know, it just seems odd to me I guess. But either way, I'd love to have anyone's opinions on if it's real and if you think it's worth the $100 or so to get it officially authenticated. The signature, letter and envelope the letter originally came in can be seen in the images provided.

Thank you in advance!

(If the pictures are a bad size I'm sorry, I don't really know how to change that.)

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