Was wondering if someone knows anything about a company called Piece Of The Past because I’ve been looking at a bunch of their events on Touch of Modern. They have a Star Wars one going on right now and I’m super tempted by a Fisher pic for sale - just don’t get how it can be this cheap??269$ including framing!

Not sure how these guys work but Touch gotta at least be making 30-40 points, then cost from framing, Piece Of The Past profit margin. Could they have gotten a Fisher Signed pic for $50??? PSA pics of hers run for over $600 unframed. Am I getting a deal here or being a fool. it has a Global authentics sticker - Are they any good?

I really hope I’m just being paranoid because I just bought a Rolex on Touch Of Modern and if this event is fake, are all events on this site fake too????

Here’s the Star Wars event link;


Thsi is the pic I want;


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I believe he means all the above 

I’m not sure I understand Marc - What happened to them « being a trusted name in the business for over 30 years », or were you being ironic?

Yes I was posting that there from Vegas were tons of fakes are I thought if u saw that u would know and posted links to there stuff. 

These Star Wars signatures are 100% fake.

The whole darn collection Mike????? This is big - Why isn’t there more dirt about Piece of the Past online then? Must be thousands of customers who got robbed on all these Touch Of Modern events - I’m scared to bring my Rolex in to get checked but guess I got no choice at this point if this can happen.

Stupid question I guess but could it just be Star Wars was a bad batch? I was also looking at this Jimi Hendrix from another of their events;



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I would get it checked out, if these autographs are any indication of how they do business. I have a few myself, there's some easy ways to check it out, mainly the magnification on the date window. The cheap knockoffs don't bother with that.

Thanks for ruining my day Mike lol 



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