Hey guys...I want to know what your opinions on this is...all comments are welcomed...I purchase probably 3-5 collectible items a week...

(12-20 items a month including signed and non signed items...figures...balls...cards...auctions...in person shows...TTM's)

I have such I high amount of stuff I just cant display all of it...its mostly in my closet or in several draws...I have a small display section in my place with my balls and some cards but mostly all cards and photos are tucked away simply because the volume of display-ability...plus the amount of years I have been doing this I have amassed quite an amount of items...once again not all items are signed but as you can see in this picture this is actually one of my closets full of signed...unsigned balls photo's etc. so I pose the question is there a difference between collecting and hoarding...I have a real passion for this stuff we love and simply feel like I can never be satisfied or have enough items...but would that be considered hoarding ?...Let me know what you guys think...

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It´s an addiction :-)


In my view, it's not a fine line... there is a thick line between hoarding and collecting!

Hoarding (a/k/a "accumulating") is done without any goal, direction or focus. It's just an urge to accumulate as much as one can.

As one matures as a collector, he or she moves away from accumulating into more focused "collecting." A collector typically sets goals and focuses on them. If you look at the people with the most admirable collections, there is typically a theme or focus... not just a mountain of "stuff."

This is always a challenge, because as collectors, there are natural impulses to want more stuff and get a "fix." How well you manage those impulses may make the difference between being a hoarder and someone with a tasteful collection.

I really can't seeing myself stopping....I don't just buy just to buy...that's for sure....my collection is really based on baseball...and more higher end and rarer items....I seam to tend to love the vintage things aposed to more recent collectibles...I also dive into antiques as well since my women don't really care about say a Ed Lopat signed ball compared to some silver ware...she does seem to love TTMs since they cost nearly nothing and recognizes the actors more then the athletes....even if all my actor autos were secretarial except for Adam West...but she doesn't know the difference....LOL
I think I love collecting so much I can't ever see myself being satisfied or ever stopping



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