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Hi guys, 

could use a little help here, this is all new to me.  So thank you in advance.

is this Mickey Mantle auto real?

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Glad you asked. No, that's a well-known forgery style that has been around for 25 years or so.

Hi Steve, thanks for getting back to me.

So now Im in trouble.  I bought my first autograph today and this was it.  I purchased from a very reputable memorabilia store or at least I thought I did he guaranteed his autos, and it came with a certificate. 

Now what? Im panicking.

Daniel, I'm so sorry you're going through this. You will get opinions here from others who know Mantle even better than I do. 

But you should have no problem getting all of your money back if you paid by a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. If you paid cash it may be tougher but you very likely will. We will help you.

Please post a copy of the certificate.

What gave it away. Thank you for enlightening me with this.

sorry but this is a poor forgery

Hi morning guys,

I paid using my debit card, I was showing him comps on eBay both with and without a coa, he said this coa his had is a company still in business today and is one of the biggest memorabilia company’s to exist.

Here is the certificate.  

I trusted this man, I told him I saved and I had a strict budget and he worked with me. This is really upsetting I feel like a fool.

That COA is worthless.  The back clearly has a 90 day replacement limit from original date of purchase (not your purchase.)

A COA only has value if it represents the opinion of a qualified and recognized expert, or if it provides actionable recourse if an item can't be otherwise authenticated.

Another lesson is not to use a debit card as they offer less protection than credit cards.

You'll find out how reputable your dealer is when you politely ask for a refund.

This is a forgery.

Thanks for all the opinions!

I guess I just dont know my recourse.  Do I go to JSA and get the ball examined then and only if fails the reputable companies opinion do I have enough evidence to ask for a full refund? With the letter stating explicitly that this is a forgery?  

Thank you again for helping me, this has been one big headache learning experience.

You'll have to ask the dealer if he requires or will honor that.  You might well spend the money at JSA only to have him refuse.

First, go to the dealer and demand all of your money back. You should not need to get a separate opinion from a TPA. The ball is a common forgery from the FBI's Operation Bullpen days. The seller obviously knows he sold you a forgery if he's been around for years.

You're welcome to send him a link to this discussion. He forgery industry has posted all sorts of fraudulent statement about this site, me, and some other active members for going on 20 years. He may come back with that. If he does, that says it all.

If he does not refund you right away, call your back and ask them to help you. Most credit and debit cards have buyer protection. 

LMK if you are not made whole by the seller or your bank in a few days. If that's the case, we'll go from there.

It is always sad to hear of anyone being taken advantage of.  Sadly, this is very common occurrence you are not alone.  I agree with Steve tomorrow contact your bank then the dealer if you have not already done so.  I wish you the very best and hopefully it will turn out well.


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