Just stumbled upon this on eBay, and it seemed to check out on the PSA Cert number. But is it actually authentic? Especially considering the crazy low auction price.


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I'd just buy a sealed copy. She signed like 100,000 of them. 

I wasn't planning on purchasing, really. I suppose I'm surprised to see the price so low, but makes sense considering the rarity must be low.

Seller has 9 or 10 of these.

I didn't realize, as I saw that they had only one available.

Are you new to ebay? This has a ton of time left. Most people do not bid early. This may even stay low until 5 seconds left but you don't know how much the last bidder has bid up to.. i suggest you watch this auction and see what it ends at and learn from it.  There is no way a taylor swift psa will slip thru the cracks. This should end somewhere around $70 but as high as  $120 if someone really wants it bad enough

Thanks Jason, I appreciate your good points. No, I am not new to eBay (which I admit at the risk of sounding stupid), but it has been quite some time since I have bidden on anything. I used to be involved in this hobby more in the past, so please understand I'm a bit rusty, even with eBay. But that is a good point, and yes, this is a good learning example.

Hey no problem at all, we all go at our own pace. Ill add you as a friend and I can give you some advice if you want.. 

Thanks! No doubt you probably have a lot of experience with the world of collecting signed memorabilia.

One last thing: Have you ever done business with NewGraphs on eBay? I think they're the same as TopPix Autographs but wasn't sure. From everything on the forum they seem to be really reputable. That's all, and thanks again!

Ive been collecting since 1991 when I was 11 years old with a few major breaks in the 00s and 10s.. there are many others on here that have been collecting way way longer. 

I am not familiar with TopPix or NewGraphs. When I shop on ebay, I actually tend to shy away from dealers. I tend to focus on sellers with a mix of items. I never have favorite sellers. I bounce around researching for authenticity over everything else. Once I am confident an item is most likely authentic, thats when I dig into the sellers history. Its not fool proof. Sellers can lie if you ask questions to make a sale.  Regular Joe's who have a mix of items could have purchased from a known forger years ago and only now deciding to pass it along with the rest of their collection. In my opinion it is most important to thoroughly do your own research and compare signatures to known in-person examples. Once you are 100% confident and make a purchase, even authenticated items can be fake. Many years ago I purchased a JSA authenticated ghostbusters cast signed photo. When I received it, the JSA sticker was real but the photo had preprinted signatures. The seller was banking on the buyer relying on the sticker only. I was able to return for a refund  but it still broke my heart. If you purchase on ebay, you need to stay vigilant every step of the way even after receiving the autograph. You need to triple check, take a break, and then triple check again before being confident enough to add it to your collection. Everyone has their own way though. 

That's quite a lot, lol. But it's definitely worth keeping in mind for any collector, seasoned or not. In the past I have found myself relying on Beckett, JSA, etc. stickers and COAs to help convince myself that an item is legitimate. However, now that I've recently returned to this hobby, I know that not every COA from a big business authentication service may be legitimate - even with the tamper-evident stickers and synthetic DNA inking. And even if an item is legitimately authenticated by a reputable business, there is still a slight chance it may be other than what it seems. Which I believe is what you are saying with your item. I try to study the signature itself before and after purchase, but sometimes, especially for myself, it can be challenging. I often feel like I don't know what exactly I'm looking for in the pen or marker strokes, even when I have an authentic auto to reference. I don't know if that makes sense, but that's really the only way I know how to explain it! Anyways, thanks for the tips, Jason, and I will put them to good use! 



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