If so do you have an approximate value?

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Looks good to me.

Anyone have an approximate value?

this is a signed poster with psa-dna certificate of authenticity and you have doubts about authenticity? what is on the certificate ''in the precense of ?''. it looks well framed and think the seller wil ask around 500 dollar?. that's what i think but i'am sure you have al the details and curious what he is asking for it. o' the autograph is authentic for sure and wish i could buy this one but live to far away and shipping costs would be far to high.

I don't know this sig, and I don't know what is on the cert as you mentioned it, but I would think it wise to question any cert - PSA or otherwise. To simply trust the cert would be foolish - about half of the Gleason signatures at PSA's facts page are foolish forged or secretarial signatures. We have seen fake Hendrix "exemplars" at the same site. Most all slabbed Gleason sigs are secretarial, many Bowie's are forged but certified, so what does a cert really mean? To me, I do the same work as if there were no cert - and if there is a dreaded vandalistic attention-grabbing sticker I won't consider the item at all. For me, I simply start with the belief "it" is not authentic and work my way up from there, proving it to my eyes.

For example, this is certified by one of those companies and it is not genuine:

Not to seem partial...

Rob, I do not trust any cert anymore without checking here first. The LOA is an opinion and people are occasionally wrong. I have found that I trust some opinions here more than I do of the big companies. Here it is usually free!!!

PSA issues two types of COAs. "Opinion" or "Witnessed". 

If your COA looks like this one then it's not an opinion. It was likely issued when PSA representatives were paid to be present at an organized signing. PSA or Beckett witnessed COA's are generally rock solid. I have heard of complaints about JSA witnessed COA's because they have been known to have very lax standards when issuing the COAs at conventions. But I've been to several public signings where PSA was present. They literally were seated next to the signer. When you got your item signed they slid it over to the PSA rep who attached the hologram and entered the item into a computer. 

If it is a COA like the one I attached I think you're rock solid. 


TG, at the National card show the big 4 all were there. All that was needed was proof of ticket to have an item authenticated.  None of them stood by and watched. NONE!!

That is very interesting. 


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