Really interested in this. Would love to hear some other opinions on it. I've been comparing it to examples of her autograph. On the site 

The bette seems to somewhat match some of the examples on there but it's the Davis I'm questioning. Its seems off. So I have two opinions on it. 1. Its genuine, it was just a rushed autograph and not making it look like the best example out there. Or 2. It's a forge and the forger couldn't get the Davis right. I'm sitting on the fence. Would really love the support of few opinions on here. 

The seller is called lights camera action (Aftal Approved Dealer #145)  and in the description its claiming it's from the Laurie Butcher collection.

Hope to hear some opinions soon

All the best 


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3) Atypical/unimpressive enough (just a sig on paper) one could just move on a better more typical and nicer example. Why not? She is not rare by any means. Could be IP C. 1950-1953 but just looks odd.

Actually, I just noticed some construction ("or" in "For" which later becomes her "avi", and the bottom of the first "B") that leads me to believe it is authentic C. 1953 just a bit odd. Still suggest a nicer example - your own opinion suggests another more typical example would be preferable.

Hey Eric, Thank you for your reply and time. I agree with you with the "or" and the B. That was some of the points that's leading me to think its authentic. It's not the greatest example but I may just purchase it. Then in a few months I'll get another better example as they are so easy to obtain. Normally I always go for the best examples about, but in the end for me as long as the person signed it, that makes me happy enough to own it. Gonna need to sleep on it. 

Thank you for your help again Eric. 

All the best Jake :)

My pleasure :)

Authentic, imo.

Thank you Joe again for helping me out :)

All the best




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