First time poster and new member to the site.  I've been wanting to purchase a Christopher Reeve autograph for quite some time, but I could use your help spotting the reals from the fakes.  Take for instance the image below.  This appears to me to be his signature style from the mid-80s, but it comes with a questionable COA.  What do you folks think?

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Hi Thomas, welcome to Autograph Live!

I’m glad you posted this. This is an obvious forgery in my opinion. I am going to contact the collector that I feel is the top expert on Christopher Reeve authenticity. He’s in the Midwest so he probably won’t get to this until the morning or later.

Thank you!  The COA the selling sent me a picture of raised many red flags for me.  I'll see if I can find it and post it too.

Wait until Brad comments on it before you post the COA please.

You got it!

What are your thoughts on this one?  This style looks different to me and just doesn't seem right.

Agree, looks slowly traced

Sorry to say this signature doesn’t belong to Christopher Reeve. 

Bradford, could you take a look at my Christopher Reeve signature, please?


Bradford, thank you for responding.  I came across one of your Reeve posts while doing some online research and you are the reason I decided to join the Autograph Live community.  As a toddler, I watched Superman I and II probably daily and Christopher Reeve was someone I always wanted to meet.  Unfortunately, that never happened, but I hope to one day purchase an authentic signature of his that I can display prominently in my "man cave" on the Superman wall (other walls occupied by Metallica and baseball memorabilia).  If you have any leads on authentic Reeve autos for sale that are either on Superman photos or index cards I would appreciate it.

Thanks Bradford. 

Thank you everyone for your input.  I suspected this was off and, frankly, I don't trust any of the autos I've seen on eBay or any of the auction houses I've seen lately.  This particular signature is currently listed on eBay at the following link:


Here is the COA the seller sent me when I requested it via "contact seller".  They have one of those COA stickers you can buy on Amazon in bulk.

there is a sig on ebay.com that looks as if it could be a genuine sig, - but it has other signers on it as well



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