Was wondering if anyone can help with telling me if they think this letter is legit? I appreciate any help I can get or a referral to a reliable source who can authenticate.I'm new here, so thanks for having me, and hopefully I did this correctly. Thx to Steve for the tutorial video. Rich D.

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Welcome! This letter isn’t real, unfortunately.

Ballroom is right, as usual. He’s my #1 goto Hendrix authority. 

Thanks for the kind words, Steve. I appreciate that.

+1. He is also my go to authority for a Jim Morrison or Janis Joplin. 

Hey, I'd like to thank you both for the input. Kind of what I figured, but I wanted an expert opinion, and it sounds like that's Ballroom. I purchased this piece at auction, so I'll need to prove it's a fake. Any ideas for my next step? I'm assuming I'll need to send it to someone, or is it so bad that I can dispute the validity without having to send it to someone. I'm not saying I don't want to pay for the authentication service, as I have no problem doing that, and I will need to show the auction company something to back up my claim. I don't think they're going to accept me telling me them "the internet told me". I bought a few other misc. items as well, so I guess I should put those up here as well. I don't want to take advantage of this group by any means, but I'm learning a valuable lesson here, and I understand it may be a costly one. This was by far the most expensive piece of the lot I purchased though. Any advice? Thank you both again for your time.

Asking about authenticity is encouraged here. Feel free to post your others. 

When did you buy it and how did you pay? If you paid by a credit card, debit card, or PayPal there's a good chance you're protected for at least six months.

Hi, that's good to hear and kind of what I figured. I purchased a few weeks ago from ICZ, via LiveAuctioneers, out of Florida. How do you think I should present my dispute to my credit card company, if the auction house decides they're not going to work with me? This is all new to me and I feel pretty dumb to be so gullible. I saw the items came with COA's and that made me more comfortable. I didn't realize the COA's were coming directly from the Seller. Definitely a red flag! The auction site may have said that, but if so, I didn't notice it. Totally on me for not paying closer attention, but I tend to trust people, which usually works out. But, obviously, not always. Thank you Steve and I look forward to hearing from you if you have an idea of what to use as a basis for my dispute. Rich D~

ICZ may salt some real lots in their auctions, but based on their lots overall on LiveAuctioneers.com, they are in the business of selling forgeries. Avoid like the plague. 

Dalshire International is another auction house I'd avoid. Most of their lots have COAs from GFA...Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators. GFA is in the business of certifying forgeries as genuine. And their guarantee of authenticity is less than worthless.

Hey Steve, Contacted them on Tuesday and said I wanted a refund. I also said I was going to have the letter authenticated. They told me that they would send me a label and they wanted me to send it to GFA for authentication. I'm starting to get more angry as this saga goes on. Do these people think I'm an idiot and I don't know what Google is? I'm clearly getting tossed around from one scammer to another. I am going to ask for a refund again today and see what happens. Hard to believe these people, ICZ, and GFA, are able to stay in business. I'll be happy to entertain any ideas you folks may have on the best route I should take moving forward. I purchased other items, which I will post here, as soon as I get the time (I work 16 hour days). If I need to get about 6 items authenticated, I fear that's going to cost more than what I paid for them. I am 100% sure I got screwed on all of them, especially the Mickey Mantle, which I've seen mentioned several times, when reading up on fakes. Also got an SRV, an Elvis album, Page & Plant and a couple others. As I said before, I'm new at this, and didn't realize the frauds were as prevalent as they are. It's going to be an expensive lesson, but I'm more than willing to pay what I have to, in order to guarantee these scammers do not get to keep my money. I'd rather it go to someone who can attest to the fakes being fakes, than to see it go to ICZ. If anybody who has experience with this type of issue knows how credit card companies handle the requests for refunds, I would love to hear them. I appreciate all the help you guys have given me so far, but I'm clearly not done yet, so I want to be sure I handle this properly. I'm only gonna have one shot if I have to dispute the purchase(s) with my CC company (Capital One). I definitely wouldn't be surprised if these people are reading everything we're discussing in this venue, so I obviously need to be careful in disclosing/discussing too much info publicly. If anyone wants to reach out to me with something I should know, that we shouldn't be sharing with the bad guys, my email address is funinfo1@gmail.com. Hopefully I'm not violating any site rules by posting my email. If I am, please let me know, and I have no problem with following rules.Thank you guys again!

I’m sorry to read that. I would have to say that it’s quite bad. I’d be surprised if the auction company isn’t already aware of what they sold.

Hey Ballroom, I appreciate the communication and I agree with you. I wouldn't be surprised if everything I bought is fake. I did some reading on the ICZ site, in the ratings section, and they're go to seems to be; "if you don't think a signature/item is real, then prove it.". So that's what I'm going to need to do. Give them something to back up my dispute, but not sure the best way to do that. I'm sure my credit card company is going to want the same thing, if it comes to me having to contact them, which makes total sense to me. Any suggestions? Thanks again for your help!   Rich D~

You’re welcome. I haven’t seen anything from that auction house that looked authentic to me. You might want to contact ICZ and request a return and, after they decline to issue one, contact your credit card company. If your credit card company requires a professional opinion, I would get a Quick Opinion from Roger Epperson for $15. A rejection letter from another TPA would cost $250-275. 


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