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What is very surprising to me is that there are numerous members on this site who continue to ask us to opine the same "autographs" over and over again and have not acquired an eye for the obvious.

My above comment is not directed at any one member, but it is frustrating sometimes.

+1 Although I don't know this signature, I wonder about this too as it pops up so frequently.

Chris you and Eric have a gift that some of us do not have. I am pretty good at a couple signatures. Not as many as you guys. Every time I asked for help i get a response. Got to have the eye. Only 1 person on here has helped teach me what to look for. 

I thought thats what this site was for. Guess not

I fear I have misspoken. :(  I was speaking very generally, too much so, and certainly not at you Danny. I did not mean for my comment to come off that way and I apologize.

I knew what you meant, Eric.

My comment was also not directed at any one member.

Thanks Christopher, I just hope Danny does too :)

No, no, no, no, no.

This may have well been directed at me as well, I'm somewhat of a novice. I'll have to be more judicious in any future posting.


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