Hi, my parents bought me this ball in the early 90’s. I’ve always assumed it was a forgery but figured I’d ask your opinion on the matter. Any chance it’s real and worth getting authenticated or fake as they come?


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I also have this signed picture and it’s definitely different so not sure if one or both are forged, lol.

The ball is good and the picture is a very bad forgery.

Really?  I was expecting it to be vice versa!

I’m going to send the ball to PSA for authentication now that you’ve eased my mind about it being a forgery.  

The question I have is if you think it’s worth getting the auto graded or should it just be authenticated only?  Is it a nice enough example or nothing special enough to bother getting graded in your opinion?

Thanks for taking time to help me, btw. Much appreciated!

I agree. I winner.

Ball is gooooood



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