I have been offered the chance to buy a signed copy of the Paul McCartney CD Kisses on the Bottom and would like to know if it is genuine.

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Uncharacteristic in my opinion

Thanks for your opinion Karl.

The seller said that he obtained it from a friend in the music business and when he listed it for sale on eBay there was some sort of objection from McCartney's management because there was no certificate of authentication. So he had to remove it. I have been offered it for about £300 but I have doubts about the P not joining the a.

The seller thinks it is 99.9% genuine because of his source, which he won't reveal.

Seller is already lying to you -- as with 1000's of McCartney autographs all over ebay and other sites, there is no way his management cares or has time to deal with a $300 autograph!  Of course he won't reveal his source since he probably forged it himself!

I did suggest to him that McCartney's people wouldn't be bothered about it but that was his story. I don't know how long ago he tried to sell it on Ebay and whether I can do a search for it. I think he said it came from someone who worked at Capital radio in London who was able to take home promos etc that were sent to the station.

Could it be possible that McCartney has instructed one of his people to remove 'fakes' now that he has stopped giving new autographs?

The seller’s story is very sketchy.  I sincerely doubt MPL would be interested in stopping any autograph sale for any reason!!! The story is bogus and the autograph does not appear to be genuine.  The asking price is not in line with current market trends and that should complete the story. Save your money and get a genuine autograph from a reputable source. 

I tend to agree with you

I usually stay away from items signed with a thick pen. I'm after a McCartney and wouldn't touch this one. Too many red flags. IMO the chances of it being genuine are very remote. I would expect Roger to give it a thumbs down.

I tend to agree with you. Excuse my ignorance but who is Roger?

I contacted eil.com and they suggested I ask Tracks.co.uk for an opinion. I'm told they are Beatles experts. Jason from tracks has replied saying he thinks it's genuine and wants to buy it!

Roger is Roger Epperson. I would sell it to Jason, if I were you. 

£300 is one red flag. There are others. 

I sent the picture to roger@rogereperson.com four days ago asking for his opinion but have not received a reply.

I have agreed to buy it and can always sell it to Jason if I don't want to keep it. I suppose you think a genuine signature is worth three or four times that.

I could not sell this to Jason with a clear conscience. I recall an instance some time back where Tracks UK was just wrong, but "all" were in positive agreement at that time. Then new info came to light and things changed back again to "not authentic".

 this is one of those examples that would not surprise me either way. I do see positives.


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