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Hi, I've found this Paul McCartney and wondered if its real.. All opinions welcome.. Thankyou


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I hesitate to comment on Beatles items nowadays because the forgeries are getting more difficult to detect, but this one does look good to me

Thanks Terrier

Any other opinions on this please? Thanks

Hi Phil,

I wouldn't want to screw it up, but there's something that makes me not comfortable with it. I mean, McCartney said in 2021 he would not sign or make selfies anymore, so why the seller says I have recently obtained a nicer signed copy, so this one is up for grabs? Well, it would be possible. I don't know.

Whatever, this one looks fine at a first sight but I think the P is done in a wrong way. 

It is just my humble opinion, I hope I'll be wrong.

Thanks FS.. I dont think he meant recently as in recently signed, possibly a nicer piece.. Who knows.. All opinions are welcome and yours is very much appreciated also.. Ill bear it in mind.. Cheers

It looks good to me as well

Cheers Dan,  2 positive replies then so far.. Ill await a few more before making a decision.. Thanks again

Anyone else shed some light? 

I think it’s good , cover is a little rough , price is fair 

Thankyou.. Much appreciated 

 I have to admit I dont like the P on Paul either and if it is genuine why is it being offered at such a low price? I also hope I am wrong

The P is a concern, i agree Michelle.. Maybe Ballroom or others can chip in too




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