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I do not believe that this is authentic. I don’t have my exemplars handy, but it’s an Autopen or a pre-print or a pre-print of an Autopen signature.

Just looking at the generic content, this letter was probably sent out a mass numbers.

Did you get one too? 

I'll tell you what it is Steve. It's a felt pen signature. And this was not mass produced. I wrote to NASA & the President about  the Challenger and the problems because at the time I was a United States record holder for Estes Rocket contest and was into liquid fuel cylinder with seals similar in design. I gave them my ideas on what I thought happend because I wanted to serve my country best as possible for a 14 year old and I got this back. This is a private letter on Presidential Oval Office paper. It was not mass produced at all. There is only one of "this" letter in the world. 

So your title reads "Is this Ronald Reagan signature authentic?"

And then you post images that have file names of "my real and authentic."


I do not want to disappoint anyone although I agree the signature is not signed by the hand of Ronald Reagan. I am sorry.

Pic is a bit small, but it appears to be a match to the Autopen signature on this signed photo to Pearl Bailey.

Nice try. But you're right to small a pic. Like I said. If you blow my pic up you'll see the imperfections only a hand and felt tip pen could make. Blow the R on Ronald up and you'll see. 

That's all well and good, Daniel, but if you "know" it's authentic, then why ask "Is this Ronald Reagan signature authentic?"

What's your agenda or point?

I'm guessing he gonna try and sell it and wants to have something to show its authentic and he to cheap to send it to an authenticator.

Am I right Daniel?

What I see is an Autopen and someone who doesn't know what they are talking about.

Next time, don't ask a question if you don't want answer.

that is a perfect match to your signature.  It is an autopen. Presidents do not sit around and personally answer mail.  

A friend bet me that people on the web would automatically dismiss my personal letter and make decisions based on a picture. He said take a super close up shot of the felt tip writing to see if people could tell what they were looking at. Hell, we put it up at Rothbys Auction house in New York 6 months ago & it got up to an $8,500 bid but did not meet my reserve of $10,000. No sale. I also have 2 Roberto Clemente signed Rookie but I am possitive it would be called fake too, it has been by lessers in the past. Have a Darth Vader card signed by James Earl Jones, I'm sure it would be deemed fake too, every kid was jealous at school & probably still are as adults and would say anything to get them from me. Anyways...


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