7EFE6715-C20C-4826-9781-9542A297ABBE.jpegHello was looking to purchase this jersey. (Seller will meet in person) I heard a lot about fake jordan holograms and was wondering if I could get some feed back from you guys. Upper deck confirmed that this hologram is real and they gave me a date when it was signed. After reading posts on here that doesn’t mean it’s real I guess. Any info would help thanks guys 

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For $10 Beckett will give you a signature review, and they're good at Jordan. Did you find it online? Was meeting in person the seller's idea? Meetings in person can be physically dangerous, and more often than not tend to be scams, stolen goods, etc. If it's just because you're close that's different.

Also if the price is well below market that's another reason to be extra careful.

Thanks Steve! I’ll try that with Beckett. I didn’t know they offered that service. 
Yes I found it online and I asked to meet up in person because he wanted to mail it and it’s framed plus were within 5-10 miles from each other. Saving a few bucks that way. Price is market value 

The signature doesn’t look bad, there is a stop and start mark in the J.  The main issue I have with the jerseys is that it is easy to remove the little hologram from the item and place it on a different jersey.  It would be great if Upper Deck had a photo showing the specific signature related to the hologram number so you could make sure it was the same item.  I would also do a little research and look up Michael Jordan signed UDA jerseys to compare the signature.  He signed a bunch at a time when he was under contract with them.  The bulk of the signatures should be pretty similar.

Hey Steve yeah I think the stop and start is were the pen skipped. I believe that’s what your talking about correct? 
I agree stupid how these can be romoved off a jersey and placed on another one. Simple as having a picture would be so great. When you call them they tell you it’s authentic because that number was originally entered in the database so that phone call is pointless. 
I’ve been comparing to a few online and they do match up from what I see. 
thank again 

Actually, air was referring to where the J goes down and then up, it stops and then starts again for the loop coming up before the skip.



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