It is my great pleasure to report the following regarding Coach's Corner.

ABC Action News Investigative Reports Philadelphia ran a blistering report on Coach's Corner Auctions on the 11PM News Nov. 20.

The culmination of an intense 3.5 month investigation, it's the fruit of the determination of Paul Wedding, a collector who lost $15,000 buying forgeries at Coach's Corner, to stop them from burning collectors once and for all.

And now, Paul Wedding:

I believe it was a few months ago I commented to the "What do you think of them," thread. Coach's Corner beat me as well as many others for a lot of money. With complete disregard for the hobby, they flood the market with counterfeit jerseys, counterfeit signatures, photos, you name it.

Collectively we all wanted to see the owners take responsibility for their actions. That has never happened. Till now.

Last week, The Coach's Corner building was bull rushed by my pal, Chad Pradelli. For those of you who do not know Chad, he is an investigative reporter with ABC news in Philadelphia. Chad and his crew beat on their doors until Lee answered it. Chad wasn't going to take any crap that Lee has been known to throw at people who question their garbage. It was beautiful!

Chad offered him the opportunity to explain himself on camera, Lee declined. The story will run this Tuesday evening, guys. From what I understand, other ABC affiliates are also picking up the story. I am also waiting for the Attorney General of Pennsylvania to assign an agent to my case. With this story running on the news, I believe that assignment is coming fast. 

Guys, this is the beginning of the end of Coach's Corner. I will continue to push every agency that will listen to me. I hope you guys (Coach's Corner) do read this. This will end with you in a Federal prison. And when you get out, you'll have lots and lots of people to pay back. What comes around goes around

Paul Wedding

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Anything new on this?

As nice as it may be to see some law enforcement action, in my experience that is very unlikely.

Any updates on this? They're January 18th auction has the typical ambitious selection of whimsical, fantasy forgeries. Looks like it's forgery business as usual. 

Hey Buddy. I have been catching up on work. Oh no, this isn't over. I was told an Attorney would give me some time to help me recover my money. He hasn't returned any of my emails. I wanted to give this every opportunity before saying no help here. This Tuesday I will be filing suit in Pennsylvania. I am going after them myself. 



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