If it was real it would worth about $500-£600 maybe more. Currently available online at a Las Vegas memorabilia site - BARGAIN!!!!

However, its not selling so they have put it into auction in a few days time - look at the the auctioneers estimate....

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Ugh. I saw this at a closed auction last night - $316.


Wow, I would probably think it is real if I did not know these pages - sad, right? And also it's sad that this fake is back on ebay - that's the one I bought a couple of months ago and I'm still waiting for a refund for duties: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/David-Bowie-Hand-Signed-Photo-Autograph-...

I have managed a hard times and I am looking maybe for another autograph (probably on the clean paper or card) but I'm pretty sure I will not buy it on ebay. :-D

Another classic....(just seen the thread last year on these bandits - signed Butchers Cover Beatles for $3750 and Buddy Holly LP cover signed by Buddy with a sharpie..hahaha

Very few people have so many full-band signed Beatles guitars in stock.

MMP Collectables is owned by Brian Burkel, of the infamous Autographs America.

Thanks Steve, I seriously do not know how these people get away with it legally. The Bowie's are not the worst I have seen (infact quite passable), but hopefully most people see the price and are put off at how ridiculously cheap they are. 




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