If it was real it would worth about $500-£600 maybe more. Currently available online at a Las Vegas memorabilia site - BARGAIN!!!!

However, its not selling so they have put it into auction in a few days time - look at the the auctioneers estimate....

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We here at AML having exposing sellers of forgeries for a long, long time.

What makes you think that anything is going to change, Bernard?

Christopher==apparently ARA is out of business............... Brian Berkel could be next. having examples on the home page won't hurt. Steve Cyrkin could have two forgeries by ARA and two forgeries by Berkel in that space on the home page. And, Christopher, nothing may change..........but there are still citizens in Iran trying to dump the Ayotollah,,,,,,,some Iranians feel that it is fruitless.

Bernard - its really not about ARA. The photos are there to highlight the practice of altering photos to deceive people.

Steve and others have explained to you multiple times. Enough, already! Jeez.

chris---so four photos on ARA  and four photos on Berkel who is still ripping people off--JEEZ

In a very nice way, Steve said no. In a very nice way, Steve and others have explained why and given you great advice on how to achieve your desired goal. So instead of acting like an mindless child, here’s some more advice, nicely:

1. Start your own website

2. Stop asking people to do work for you and start blogging/posting photos all about this character youre hell-bent on exposing. Put up or shut up. PLEASE. On behalf of everyone with reading comprehension skills.

chris bedrum===Personal ad hominem attack toward me=====now that shows that you are a man of intelligence.

Bernard, you’re not far from getting a time out. 

Bernard, I've been doing this for 15 years, and I will continue.

Bernard, people are still altering photos like ARA did today. It’s a common problem. Those photos show that it is being done, and how easy it can be to do. That way people can be aware of it today.

But what I’ve told you several times is post photos in the photo app yourself and I’ll feature some, which brings them to the top. 

Brian Burkel just changed the name of his company. It's new name  is PRESTIGE COLLECTIBLES;

Here is the new url:

So now when a person who knows very little about autographs and is searching for a gift will find nothing negative on the internet regarding Burkel and his forgeries when they google the name of his new site.. In fact there is a company with the same name that is a leader in selling Japanese Baseball Cards. The most we can do is to just click on his google product listing ads. Is this futile or will he finally be apprehended?



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