I'm going to see James Taylor May 25th and want to to get an autograph from him. I was wondering what your opinions are on what I should have signed? Should I have him sign a photo, vinyl album or something else? If I were to have him sign a vinyl album which one in terms of value would you suggest? All options appreciated. 

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Personally I would take my favorite album to get signed. That would mean the most to me and in my eyes be the most valuable. 

If you are looking for resale, it’s a completely different story.

Good Luck!

if he is doing a signing for his new album, he will only sign items purchased at the signing.

I agree with Bjarne and Terrier.  James is a generous signer (when not in a controlled signing setting.)  I would take your favorite vinyl album(s) as long as they are in excellent condition. For me it would be Sweet Baby James.

Although I do really like my James Taylor signed Greatest Hits Album as well.


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