Hey everyone, I purchased this autographed photo of James Dean.  To me after comparing it to a PSA website sample (https://www.psacard.com/autographfacts/entertainment/james-dean/183) it seems to be authentic.  But I welcome your input. Thanks

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It looks so much like the example at PSA I would be a little concerned about a forgery based on that exemplar and would have to rule it out. It almost looks traced in Photoshop - a LOT of alignment. Signatures or parts thereof are often copied from Facts. Something seems off to me apart from the shape of the "D" - see what others say. I also note the image you have is not flat on as the PSA and there is no reason for a seller to do that. Just my .02 cents - I am overtly cautious with these big names. Did he not usually dedicate?


Thanks Eric for your feedback! I'm unsure if Dean usually dedicated his photos... however, the person I purchased from wasn't from an autograph dealer and was selling it for her grandmother who according to her received it by Dean through the mail.  She decided to let it go.

What did you pay may I ask?

PS - can you scan the back? This photo has to be 65+ years old. Are there signs of age? Is the paper on the pack very smooth or fibrous?

$350.  She had it listed for $1,000 but I asked for a lower price in which her grandmother hesitantly agreed.  I know Dean's autograph goes for so much more but took a chance especially as it did not come from someone who has multiple autographed items for sale... She did mention that it was received through the mail by her grandmother and was unsure if it was authentic as it is not certified.  

$350? That is worth many many thousands if genuine. The one at PSA, the one I showed here, sold for $15,000 in 2014. It would be well worth getting certified. See what others think about the signature.

True.  However, I don’t plan on selling it right now as James Dean is my favorite actor.  As far as the back it is quite smooth.  It’s a glossy 8x10 photo and quite thin.  The back doesn’t have too much signs of age just some very light yellowing around the edges. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I'd need to see it in hand to gauge its age etc.. If all is good you made a superb score. :)

I made this quickly and roughly - it is both to scale. I left them apart a bit so you could see the alignments in "James". The "J" and "a" sit directly on top of the PSA exemplar when perfectly overlayed. Your is at an angle I can't quite compensate - might align even more. A good forger would take the first and last name, change placements slightly and so on to make it appear "new". These kinds of alignments cause me concern - the last name is shifted but also aligns on its own as you can see from the bulk of the "D". I truly hope I am just being cautious but I think this needs more looking at, if only to rule it in.

Thanks, I see that.  I will have to get it certified.  Appreciate all the feedback!

Most welcome Justin - good luck! :)

I recommend you getting this authenticated even though you are not planning to sell it. What are the odds this was just sitting around all these years? Yes, it's possible although I always go by the "if it's sounds too good to be true" adage. I hope you scored big but why not be sure?



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