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This is a shaky, rushed old age Stewart signed for my friend Mikey, who is standing next to Mr. Stewart.

I went through my hundreds of Stewart exemplars, and I believe you are probably correct, David. I could not find one that had a shrinking, poorly defined "ames" to the extent this one has. I also noticed that the "e" is atypically oversized relative to "war." So that is two strikes. The jerky disjointed feel is the third. 

Good call!

Mr. Zarelli, I am just glad, I was able to explain my thoughts. After doing this for 40 years people don't understand "gut feeling" or "It just isn't talking to me". Out at the Hollywood Show I use to kick Tom Folenta's (UACC V.P.) foot under the table to try and stop him from buying Junk. He called me his "autograph guru". I know that after all the Neil Armstrong autographs that you have seen and have passed thru your hands on occasion one that looks right and should be right, just does not talk to you. All the best.

Speaking of Stewart, what is the opinion of this with Reed?

Do you feel that both are good, bad, or one is and the other not?

I'll include more details in a bit, but wanted to see thoughts?

Stewart appears carefully applied... each letter too well defined and too neat. Doesn't feel right. I would avoid. 

I do not know Reed's signature, so no opinion there.

The Donna Reed is atypical. IMO.

I agree with Mr. Zarelli and Joe W………Joe W. was being kind.

Thanks.   I was curious on opinions.    I meant to add to my post sooner...

I purchased this Stewart and Reed photo a long time ago (I think 90's) from R&R Ent.

Years later, I decided to consign a large group of autographed photos to them and sent this back for auction. Just after I sent stuff in, I received a check in the mail with a note stating they did not feel this photo was authentic and they refunded my original purchase price. It was never explained why they changed their opinion about it.  Didn't really matter - it was nice to see a company that stands behind their product.

WHuffman, Had you included seller info or authentication info my answer would have been the same………I am happy you got your money back. That same company did not refund an item a family member of mine was going to consign back to them, a few years after buying from them. It would have been far more expensive than your's. It does not make a difference if you are a well regarded dealer or auction house over time there is a learning curve…. as Mr. Zarelli reminded me of earlier in this thread.

here is another R&R purchase from the 90's.  I like Kim, again not sure about Stewart

Did a search on 'Jimmy Stewart' and found this thread from 2017.  Originally was for opinions on a bookplate, but there are signatures in the books themselves also posted.  All seem shaky and all were deemed original.  Just want to re-post in case opinions have changed.

I got lots of replies from Jimmy Stewart back in the day. I certainly hope they are real. 

I am aware that in the last year or so of his life he sent out photos with an autopen signature. As I understood it, he did not have an autopen himself, but the manufacturer had a template for him and signed stacks of photos on his request. 

Here is one of my favorite replies from him...



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