Mother Nature Signed Edition

Sorry if this has already been posted 

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thank u!!!

It hadn’t, thanks

It had been posted from its original listing on Waterstones (, but it’s interesting to see that it has made it to a number of different UK retailers already…

I can’t find it !!? 

Can’t find what, sorry? If you mean the book, the link above should take you direct to the listing on Waterstones. If you mean the discussion, it was mentioned in the Non-Musician feed a few weeks back (it’s also available from some US retailers, I believe).

I meant the discussion, understood

Found it on for 18.8 euro! Cheaper than the UK site plus free shipping.

Didn't plan of buying it, but for this price, I can't say no.


Won’t ship to my address in UK :(

could someone be kind enough to post the link to AMAZON.NL  as I cant seem to find it, thanks

Most likely it will be in Dutch though :)


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