Hi guys,

I recently bought a bunch of photos supposedly signed by Jerry Garcia. They originate from the Grateful Dead photographer Roberto Rabanne who states that they were signed by Garcia in front of him, shortly after they were developed. Of course, there's no concrete proof to this but just being original GD/Jerry Garcia photos, these hold value. I've attached many of the autographs and I am hoping I can get some opinions - they definitely differ from his more well known autograph, but I'm wondering whether he changed it up based on situation as he did when signing his lithographs/plates. 

Based on the looks in the photos, I'm thinking they're from the late 60s or very early 70s (Rabanne started travelling with the Dead in 1968 based on what I could find) - unfortunately I'm unable to find many examples from that era of the Dead/Garcia.

Any input would be appreciated - thank you!

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It's probably easier if I just link to the rest of the photos here haha:


ive owned some 60s before 

the j Garcia might be never saw the script script style ones 

he has a few different sigs

there are real examples of old jerrys if u do research 

Hi Marc,

Thanks for the response - would you happen to have any examples of the 60s signatures? Or early 70s?

I'm having a hard time finding anything that isn't late 70s/80s or his pieces of art. 

There out there u going to have to spend time and some research

what did u pay for the collection

Like Bruce said - they didn't go for a lot, basically the value of original photos IMO.

I saw these when they were for sale and were very inexpensive. I've never seen that style of signature before -- even some early sets with Pigpen -- his signature was pretty similar to his later style. I'm not sure the ones you bought are real. 

Yes, they don't perfectly match up with any other examples I can find, but I do see several similarities with some of the early signatures - too bad the photographer couldn't take a photo of him signing these haha.

hey bruce what was the asking price

so you bought all the stuff from gurnseys I see . lol

Yep, it was from them

If you search previous posts here about Guernsey’s Auction House you will discover that they were busted trying to auction dozens of forged signed guitars a few years ago. Here is a link to the New York Post article about the scam that quotes our very own Steve Cyrkin. Now I'm even more convinced that Jerry Garcia did not sign any of those photos. 




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