has anybody got information about what bookstores jerry is attending to sign his new book ? I say sign as I have seen at the barnes &noble store in new York while he will be in attendance the books will be pre signed and only the auther will be signing !! does that set any alarm bells off 

at this moment this is the only signing he will be attending  does anyone know of any others  as would really like to add him to my book collection and being based in uk I have to get in touch with the stores in usa !!


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Here is some more LOGIC.  Why would he sign 100's of books on the title page and yet sign my one book on the back of the title page.  He had lots of practice signing books where it does not run into the spine, yet he signs mine and runs into the spine. 


Perhaps it's because he only had the title page to sign. He signed the title pages and then the publisher bound those pages into the books.

You can't expect him to sign the books with the same large signature that he provides TTM. 750 books?  Again, we do know that he's capable of producing a neat signature as evidenced by the one that Mark Roberts received on his copy of the debut LP. That said, I don't agree that the signatures are "neat." They appear to be an attempt at consistently neat signatures that break down over time.

But you would think he would sign it on the same page.  Right Ballroom??

yes I can.  I have been to many book signings, and in front of me, have seen the signer sign all the books consistently the same.   Because Mark's book was signed so differently and on a different page (after JLL supposedly signed all the books on the title page), speaks volumes to me.  The nature of the signature couldnt have been more different in style and placement. I have stated my thoughts, and you yours.  Its time to move on. 

You're right, Blinky. Mark Schull got that book signed. He posted it in the TTM discussion, page 73. Here's a link:


Mine actually - no biggie.. Steve.  

Strange--it says Mark Schull posted it. Maybe you posted it earlier. I'll look.

I did post it earlier. Again no biggie.


I can take closer photos when I get home if you guys want to see better photos. Let me know


Mark, I thought it was really careless & inconsiderate of JLL to run his signature into the binding the way that photo shows.



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