Apparently, JFK was attempting to renew his driver's license in July of 1959.  A seller on eBay has listed this seemingly unique JFK collectible for sale for the premium price of $7500 OBO.  Now if this application had actually been signed by JFK like it should have been, it might actually be worth that much for its uniqueness.  The problem is I don't believe it's actually JFK who signed the application.  This appears to be Secretary II from Charles Hamilton's book.

I would imagine that during the year before he was elected President of the United States, JFK was a very busy man and delegated many tasks to assistants and secretaries. Either he or one of his secretaries realized he needed to renew his least for identification purposes because he likely wasn't driving much by then.  Such a mundane task as renewing something he didn't even use very often if at all was needed to be handled by a secretary since JFK had more important things to deal running for POTUS.

That would likely explain why something that would seemingly have to be authentic is actually not so.  What do you think?  There is a pic below.

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You’re right, it’s not JFK. I think it could be worth in the $1,000 range signed secretarially, but it should not be represented as genuinely signed by JFK. 

Would you mind posting a link to the listing?

Thanks, James.

Hi, Steve.  Here is the link to the auction:



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