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Do you believe this photo that was inscribed to Sandy Fox by President Kennedy is authentic?

Sandy Fox was the Director of Protocol for JFK. He essentially was in charge of social affairs, including the sending of invitations and things of that matter. I believe he served all of seven presidents.

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Kennedy had an illegible signature and therefore his are tough to authentic. Looks too neat. I think this may be secretarial.

Thanks, Ed. I was thinking along the same lines - that this looks just a little too neat for JFK. The signature looks plausible; however, when you combine it with the inscription, it makes me think probably not.

 Non authentic imo James

Thanks, Michelle. I'm inclined to agree.

Is this floating around our friendly ebay?

Why yes it is. The introductory bid is $850. It's from the same seller that I bought the large portrait of JFK and Jackie that I found out was signed by Secretaty 15, thanks to the help of James Stone. Fortunately, the seller was very agreeable to let me return it for a full refund.

I really don't think the seller is shady. He has had a couple of pieces that I think are authentic, but wasn't interested in because they are too large, and with one the signature is also faded.

However, he did sell a JFK photo that was clearly secretarial. I knew right away on that one. He says he's been collecting JFK items for 50 years, so I'm not sure why he wouldn't likewise know that one was secretarial. He does, however, even provide examples from Hamilton's book on JFK signatures.
Michelle, here is a link to another JFK (and Jackie) item he has. I don't know, maybe he is shady. I mean, he's willing to let a duel autograph of JFK and Jackie to possibly go for only $375!


 well, it will be the bargain of the century if genuine??!!!

No ; - I'd leave it  this one James IMO

Michelle and James Stone, here is the link to a REAL JFK signed campaign brochure. The seller originally was asking $1000, but no one went for it. He dropped it to $900 and then finally to $425. I guess he really needed to sell. I missed out on it because I was waiting on my refund to be credited back, and while I was waiting, someone grabbed it. I'm very confident it was a real example of JFK's "campaign-style" signature. A lot of people are unfamiliar with this style, but it's JFK's style that I have studied the most probably. Here's a link:


James-Got your PM. Glad you were able to get the money back on the previous photo! Have to agree with everyone else. This is no good. Based on the autograph study I have this was definitely signed by Pricilla Wear (one of JFK's secretaries). The signature of hers matches very good with this and really matches none of the authentic JFK examples. The seller sounds honest, but these two you sent me are obvious ones. I'd be curious to know which examples he has from Hamilton's study that he is using to back up his assertions, because I see nothing.

Thanks again, James. Here's a link to another JFK signed item he has up for auction with a starting bid of $375. He provides a few examples from Hamilton to look at, but then it's up to the buyer to decide. What do you think of this one?




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