I picked up this JFK letter which came with JSA LOA but is the signature on the envelop legit as well?

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I don’t like the signature on the letter regardless of certificate. I believe it is secretarial. The envelope shows a printed or lithographed sig.

Thanks Paul.

Dan, Paul is correct.  JSA GOT IT WRONG!  And they just evaluated this a couple of months ago.  Wow.  This is indeed secretarial!  Straight out of Charles Hamilton's book, The Robot That Helped Make a President, this is identified as Secretary III.  You need to get a refund.  But because of JSA's ineptness by issuing an LOA, this probably complicates things.

James, after conducting the research after the purchase , I am left with the same unfortunate conclusion. I will likely have to pay the price for not being more thorough prior to bidding.  I appreciate the thoughts and expertise of the group.

Here are the book pages that show Kennedy secretary III examples.KennedySecretary111.jpg

Thanks, Tim.  I agree with the group.  I would think Spence would be embarrassed by this.  I swear....hard to find anyone out there to trust!

As long as he's making money off of the amount of people who trust his "opinion" he will surely never be embarrassed. They should have a better business bureau for JSA (maybe they do) which should feature all the times the LOA got it wrong.

I’m not sure when, where, or how JSA became accepted as an authority on historical as opposed to sports autographs. Certainly, those of us who collected in the heyday of Batchelder, my namesake, joe Rubinfine, Catherine Barnes, Hamilton, sesslers, Walter r Benjamin and the like would not be depending on third party organizations such as JSA. As I recall, JSA grew to prominence around the time of Mastronet.

I certainly will not be depending on them going forward.  It will be a painful lesson.

I would think that at some point your lack of credibility adversely impacts your bottom line, especially in an era where information is essentially ubiquitous.

Are you going to try to get a refund?  

Unfortunately I cannot hold the auction house accountable, anymore than I hold myself responsible.  They do not specialize in this stuff and acquired it as part of an estate.




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