Here is one that is currently live by a reputed auction house. A supposed Jim Morrison signed cut. 

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No from me. See what Ballroom says.

I agree with Eric. Not authentic IMO.

Doors are my favorite band. This...looks awful to me.

It does look awful. I posted it because I am somewhat surprised that the referenced reputable auction house is running it and without any specific authentication. Already it is at $2750 with a week to run!

It's not authentic, unfortunately.

Who is the "reputable" auction house?

Julien’s auction house. They recently sold a Kurt Cobain guitar for big bucks and are generally well thought of. I found another ‘similar’ right leaning Morrison that sold at Christie’s auction house in 2011. I wonder if the latter is the real deal and formed the basis of the Julien’s cut?

There are more in this style with a “Cheers” inscription, but I don’t think any of them are real.

I agree BallroomDays67. I have soon a few of these too and they have never sat right. The point being that even the top auction houses are not immune from passing on a fake. Ie the latest and that Christie’s one above.

Julien's lets alot of fakes through.  They have their own "in house" authenticating team -- never a smart idea. 

I once described how an authentic Morrison signature looks to my friend, who was surprised I thought so many were fake. I said, "His style is so easy to forge, BUT...he writes almost like a 6th grader that just learned cursive. So if you do the style he signs, but fast (the way the one above looks), it doesn't look right.



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