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I don't like it. It looks shakily drawn and misshapen.

Id say someone is after some money for xmas.
Here's the letter of provenance:

To whom it may concern,

Jim Morrison autograph was signed by singer of The Doors at the the Whiskey [sic] A Go Go in L.A. I was back stage [sic] with the liquor supplier of many L.A. clubs at the time of signing. I was thrilled. The sixtys [sic] was a great time.

Norma L. Bruce


Not authentic in my opinion...

Looks very slowly drawn or traced.

It's not my favorite....and it does look shakily drawn...but I can imagine Jim signing that if he's stoned or drunk.

Here's the problem I have. Just saying you were backstage, hell...even naming a specific time/date that can be looked up, proves nothing. You can find out a date that works for The Doors being there (they were the house band at the Whisky).

Also, if you were with a beer supplier, or whatever....tell the entire story. Tell the name of the company, and that guys name. A perfect example is that Morrison notebook we recently saw. It is signed by Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills, Nash fame. He talks about the Doors manager being his manager, and giving it to him after he went to pick up Jim's body. I mean...it certainly helps that he's famous and writing that, but again...if you're going to say you were backstage...have a better story than "with a beer distrubtor" or "my uncle did security for 18 years." Give us that uncles name!!!

I worked in radio for 10 years, at a classic rock station. When I was backstage, or the musician came into the studio -- I attached my business card to the back of the signed piece, and wrote the date/time of the signing (just so when my daughter inherits my collection, she can prove her dad worked in radio and interviewed these people).

I can't fault somebody for not doing this in the '60s but still....


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