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hello ,i wanted to ask everyone to please take a look at this jim morrison signature ,

i know its very faded and hard to see but please take a look at it for me ,thank you.

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Here is a closer image of the dedication and signature. It reads "For James" and signed  JMorrison. It's very faded and is of poor image quality.In my opinion, at first glance it has some positives, but I studied this carefully and believe it's a forgery. It just happens to be signed for someone also named James and I took a look at some examples where he rarely signed his own full name of James which I've only seen him do that maybe 4 times. Here are 3 examples of that. Notice that "James" is written as one continuous word with no stops and starts or separations of any letters. The M is connected to the E.

If you look closely at the James in the dedication/signature in question, notice it is not one continuous word, as it has a stop at the end of the M and then starts again on the E in a different stroke as they are not connected. To me this alone is very telling. One would think Jim would sign James the same way, whether it's him writing his own name or to someone named James. The JMorrison sig itself has several inconsistencies from authentic exemplars especially the way both O's are written, specifically the second O and it's transition into the N.

Great job with the exemplars and your insights JackGotLucky.  All the third party authenticators and auction houses should hire you for every Morrison they certify. 

He used "For" in the dedications in signed copies of The Lords and the New Creatures. It may have been loosely copied from the one signed to Billy James. 

I agree as here is the example Ballroom mentioned where Jim has again written James with the "ames" portion written as one with no stops as I meant to say in my post. The J is separated in all the examples.

i find it strange the person selling it has sold more than 400 sigs in the past ,non of them reported as fake all very happy costumers so how can this be explained? 

i just sendf a picture to Mr Roger epperson for a quick look and he also thinks it s real ,so i think i did a good deal .

What does he think it's from? I don't think I've seen any autographs signed with a "For" dedication like that. I've only seen them in books. 

it was signed for James because the person he signed it for was called James and then he signed Jmorrison after it .

i just showed him a picture and he sayd it looks ok for him ? Ballroomdays67.

Heh. I can see that it's signed for someone named James. I've just never seen an autograph signed "For" someone. The only "For" dedications I've seen are in books. Does Roger have another example of an autograph signed this way? The autographs I've seen with dedications have Jim's signature beneath the name of the recipient.

i dont know i only send it to him and there apears to be wmall comma between James and Jmorrison? i did not speak with rogger only send an email to him ,so he must think it looks ok? 

i am not friended with Roger so he did not exlain any more , if you know him feel free to ask him but when i have to ask i have to pay for an opinion .


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