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This is my first challenge to this forum where I hope to learn a lot about this amazing and passionate hobby.

I'm readdy to buy a Jim Morrison photo signed. Can you tell me what you think about their autheticity?...

Option 1: Photo rear signed

Option 2:

Both of them are from very reputable sellers with COA and obviously very expensive

Any help will be welcome!...

Thanks a lot 


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Yes, I know. It was me on both!.... :)

Who is selling it? Don't worry, i am not going to compete with you on it.


It was auctioned by Heritage Auctions, and is now for sale by the owner through Heritage.

"Best offer" is not available anymore. At least, for me... I just can see "Buy now"...

Anyone know what ended up happening with these?

According to Heritage, the signed Miami photo was sold for $4,600 back in February.

I  kick myself often for not buying a signed check or something when they could be had for $900.00.

Yeah, those days are long gone, but I think his signature is still relatively undervalued. 


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