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hello i want to know if i was to sel my signed framed jim morrison check if sumeone here would be interested? so here are sum pictures ,if i would sel it i would ask 6500 dollars for it ,please let me know if interested ,its a doors related check because its from the doors productions corporation and i only ever seen one other than mine so rare .

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Did you have this framed? What a great job of displaying the check front and back!


hi Steve ,no i did not have it framed myself ,i got it like this from Kenneth Rendell in new york .

can i ask you Steve is town square the best place for me to show my check so all members can see or is there a better way ?

a great, well framed Doors piece! Just about anyone in America would pause to look at this with wonder.  oF COURSE, you can't mount on wall but either hang from ceiling or put on a pedestal for full both side effect.  I have a 2 sided Dylan piece framed lie this too


hello sling ,Robert green is a person at the bank who countersigned alot of jim's checks ,thanks for the nice coment ,no interest in bying ?

no, in general I don't do checks.   They are poplar with wall street types though

He was an accountant for The Doors.

it's odd though. A check written too james Morrison and signed by Mr Greene.  James goes to deposit it and signs the back as all people do. But then Greene signs again for the second time below Morrison's signature.

Why would Greene do this-sign check twice?

sorry Sling ,i dont know mutch about checks , but i know the sigs are authentic .

Good luck with the sale of your check.i believe your asking price is fair.there hasn't been any on the market for a while now.the one I own is framed the same way.showing the front of the check on the backside.


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