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Yes, this is real.

Authentic and very rare signed photo.

where did you find this? care to post a source?

It's being offered in RR Auctions upcoming October 20th auction. They have placed a pre auction estimate on the item at $15k. 

Jack, so many things about this signature go against many things that you have posted in the past,...what is it about this, that makes you %100 sure?....-Teresa

This signature is about as textbook as you can get as far as JDM autographs are concerned. It's a perfect example and doesn't go against anything that was posted elsewhere as far as I can see.  What are you referring to? 

Just observe the "rriso" portion in the photo.Now take a look how that same portion is almost identical to the way he endorsed this check.The photo is 100% authentic and will probably fetch between $12k to $15k in my opinion just as the only other signed photo of it's kind sold for in the past.

I know the "I" being connected to the "S" is  unusual but it is merely a rare visible pen drag.

Yes, It was the I attached to the S that threw me off. Thanks

Very nice.would love to own this one.
I agree Jack.A spot on signature.Imcurrently the high bidder.lets see how long that lasts.
It may have originally been mailed from the Doors Office. I've only seen three examples of this particular photo. The uncropped image includes the other members as well. I purchased an unsigned one from a collection of original Doors-era prints.

Nicest I ever saw. Love the odd cropped format, the signature and the way it is enhanced and augmented - even highlighted by the angle of the jacket and the shirt...awesome. And his expression of course. Good luck Paul! 



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