LI there, can anyone tell if this is real or fake? I can't tell you how much I really want a JP autograph, thanks in advance.

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This is an authentic Jimmy Page autograph in my opinion. Very nice. 

Thanks classic  rock, I might buy it!

Jimmy Page is very supportive of a charity called Task Brazil.  This charity supports the abandoned street children in Brazil.  Jimmy signed 300 silk screen prints of a Sandra Lawrence portrait of himself to be sold by Task Brazil in support of the charity.  I believe this one of them.  

Thanks for that info. .I just get worried by the lengths forgers will go to make money.

Absolutely. You have to be very careful.  

This is good

Cheers Seamus, I'm confident it's authentic now having looked at other examples.

100% authentic. Jimmy sold these on his website for charity. Very nice piece. 

Ive seen these come up for sale ,i believe there are a couple on ebay now,for the right price its a good score.
I have a couple of them and they're really nice.

These are still available from the website at the original price, much less expensive then eBay.


what website would be selling them?



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