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Joe Hisaishi (Studio Ghibli) - A Symphonic Celebration LP (119€)


Limited Signed Numbered 2 Vinyl White Label + Art Card limited to 200 Copies.

Pricey but worth it for a Studio Ghibli fan like me. I had been hoping they would do a signed version when I saw the press release a couple weeks back.

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Anyone have any luck yet? Mine is still in transit, but 1 person on reddit just said they were only offered a 20 euro refund! Another person was offered a 50% refund. Both 100% unacceptable to me since the only reason anyone bought this crazy overpriced record was for the signed print.

Today I received my replacement order: same test pressing, and also... without any signed print. Unfortunate, to say the least.

Unsurprising. The brown boxes are pre-packed in a warehouse. They haven't realised the scale of the error - not one of them contains the art print which is crucial to all buyers and expected for the amount they charged for a cheaply manufactured blank vinyl?

Until this afternoon I still had some hope things would be okay in the end, but now....

I'm still getting nowhere. Now they want pictures of the "wrong" item I received. They're not even acknowledging I'm talking about a missing part. It's like talking to a brick wall. 

Have yet to receive mine however I have gotten this email just now. Presumably this is because enough people complained about never receiving their signed copies. It was the only reason I ordered it myself.

I received the same email. I'm glad they are acknowledging the error and are sending us the signed prints instead of (partial) refunds.

To add insult to injury I have just been hit with a £55 customs charge for two vinyl's. Never again DG. 

To add to the drama I just saw this on fb. I've never seen him sign in english so have no clue as to why he'd start now if it was him? I think we're literally like a week past the deadline for paypal claims on this too.

Update: looks like his US shop now does sell merch with an English signature on it. So they may very well be him.


Would have much rather received his typical japanese sig. Sure hope ours don't have a big bend in them like the one pictured above though.

I saw this one on eBay. It's being sold as the White Label Vinyl with art print, but this print is totally different from the one pictured which McNish posted a signed image of. Also signed in English. Are they sending out different designs?

Thinking about it, maybe the print has a front and a back and he switched up which side he signed?



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